Friday, February 3

It's the Last Game of the Year

And thank god it's over. Since I've been on such a streak through these playoffs and the season as a whole, it's high time I grace yall with my Super thoughts. I've got Pittsburgh 21-17.

Here's why Pittsburgh win:

1. They're a better team, with better playmakers.
2. They don't have true weaknesses, especially ones that Seattle can exploit.
3. Joey Porter is starting to make Charles Oakley look like Ben Chapleski.
4. Seattle stormed the NFC and the worst division in pro sports before walking over one team with a quarterback whose last name rhymes with tanning (always a bad sign) and another who had to hand the ball off to their fourth-string running back (thanks Jake). You'd think Pittsburgh would have played a tough season in a heavier loaded AFC, but they actually only played six tough regular season games. Then they went on the road and beat the top three teams in the league. Granted they also beat a quarterback who had trouble throwing because both his hands were wrapped around his neck, but they had to beat a gang of blind zebras in that game as well. Point is, Seattle hasn't really been tested, so it's hard to say how much they've got. They've been able to coast on vanilla all season, and I think it's gonna be too hard for them to break out of it.

Here's why Seattle will cover:

1. Seattle's not bad, they're just boring. But after watching a few games, they're boring in a "fourth hour of the Victoria's Secret runway show" way as opposed to "Saturday afternoon at the DMV" boring. This is important.
2. They have playmakers at every level on defense and an all-world left side of the o-line, which means they can keep any game close.
3. Shaun Alexander is a fraud MVP, but he's still a top-five back. He'll get his.

Enjoy the show, It's all we've got.

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