Thursday, December 15

The No-Bowl

Pro-Bowl rosters will be unveiled sometime next week, and the only way I can see us getting a man sent to Hawaii is if the league switches to baseball rules and lets everyone go. Last year we had nine players voted in, ten if you count Westbrook's late nod. It also marks the second straight year that Andy Reid will not man the ship, and this time he's got a far more feeble excuse.

Not only will we most likely get snubbed, there's hardly anyone on the club that even warrants an argument. You could try to back Trot, but how can you fully get behind the emotional leader on a team with no emotion? The same goes for Dawk, the latest victim of the Hal Morra jersey curse. Casualties now include Todd Pinkston (leg), Ron Artest (everything), Eric Snow (bench sores), and Shaq (ankle tweak). I'd love to back Sheldon, but after a strong start, he's been having too much trouble adjusting to the left cornerback position. Offense may be in even worse shape, especially with 8 starters missing significant burn.

Given the specific nature of this season, I think this is a fantastic situation. As if the Seattle game wasn't a big enough embarrassment, going from 10 pro-bowlers to none while being the first team in league history to sweep their division and get swept in consecutive years (if the Skins can take us down again) should be a nice Andre The Giant slap to the face. Stay warm, it's gonna be a looong offseason.


greene said...

i think a case can be made that lito deserves it this year even more than last year... some might say that him not playing means much more to the team than him getting burnt routinely by anyone with a pulse.

worst. probowler. ever. lito in the probowl is like that year when wally szczerbiak made the allstar team, it demeans the accomplishment for everyone else.

Hal said...

Lito had a solid year, and most important for pro-bowl voters (the same people who put Bush into office), he turned a lot of heads with a couple picks for six.

1. Deltha O'Neal is going to make his second straight probowl after he was so bad at corner Shanahan tried him at wide receiver

2. How did NBA All-Star Jamal Magloire not get mentioned here?

Hal said...

Just to clear up- I meant to say Lito had a solid year in 2004. This year he covered like a school desk in a nuclear war.

Armando said...

you can't even give the nod to our one viable candidate, Akers, because the team screwed him up so badly.

Armando said...


greene said...

yeah i was gonna throw magloire in, but he made it by default because they were still in the east that year, so i gave him a break. deltha oneal, while being mediocre at best, is infinitely better than lito sheppard... i wish i wasnt lazy, or else id go find that espn article that broke down stats to prove that lito sheppard was the worst starting defensive back in the league for the past 2 years. the pick6 does get you some undeserved attention in these matters, which is unfortunate, but theres no way he deserved to be there last season, as he wasnt even the best corner on his team.

Hal said...

Lito, while most assuredely not the best corner on the eagles, is still a solid player and will mature if he can put this season behind him. It's possible he's actually the third best corner on the club, as an argument could be made to put rod hood in the #2 spot, and Sheldon is clearly top notch especially given how much time he's asked to operate out of the slot.

phlintern4 said...

You completely forgot Derrick Burgess. With 13 Sacks he is a lock to make the Pro Bowl---oh wait, that's right. The Eagles decided not to resign him.

But Jevon Kearse is much better. Really. (snickering)