Monday, December 12

Sorry guys, someone's gotta talk about soccer

So the World Cup groupings were released last week, and I figure someone's gotta say something. Everyone says this is Team USA's best chance to win the whole thing in history, and we're even ranked in the top 10. Who'd have thought that would ever happen? So everything's going well, and then the bracket comes out, and looky-looky...they drop the Italy bomb on us for the first round. Our other opponents, Ghana and the Czech Republic are slightly easier match ups, but those Czechs can pull some magic out every once in a while. So it's going to be a tough one, but exciting nonetheless. Now, I'm sure most of you might rather watch competitive cheerleading on ESPN than soccer, but you have to acknowledge the importance of the event. More people in the world play soccer than just about anything, and they'll all be watching. Do yourself a favor and watch, even just so you've got something to talk about. Those two dudes up there ^^....amazing. I might be a closet soccer fan, but I'll be proud to watch this one, and maybe for once get to openly support something that my country does.

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