Wednesday, December 21

Simple Hypothetical

Easy: Could you catch 4 of 10 passes thrown by Donovan F. McNabb? Please take into account the following (and I welcome all jokes, both good and bad):

1. Three-quarters of our wide receivers can't

2. He's gonna miss you by about five feet on at least two of his tosses

3. He throws about 65 mph. In case you can't remember what sixty mph looks like, take a walk out to the highway and check out the right lane.

4. If you're name is Jared Wilner, think about how many passes from Skari you could catch. If it is less than four, then odds are you couldn't catch four of Donnie's.

As for me, I'm pretty sure I could grab two, maybe three with gloves. I think the first set would be tricky, but that with a little warm-up on the JUGS machine, I should be able to handle it.

1 comment:

DaveW said...

With no defense? I don't think 4 is so many. We're talking playing catch with Mitch Williams here. He was all over the place, but Daulton usually did catch the ball. I'm figuring one or two will be to my left & my right, one will be high, and one would bounce at my feet, but that leaves four to six thrown at me, and I just have to make them stick.