Monday, December 26

Superman dies

So I spent my formative years as a Vikings fan, and therefore hated the Greenbay Packers. I still do, and I'm sure I always will, but you gotta love #4. This is probably his last season, and last night was probably his second to last game. They were playing the Bears, who I also hate, so I was pulling for Favre. You could tell the whole game that the Pack was defeated, but when Chatman returned that punt for a TD, I smelled a little Favre comeback. Of course that didn't happen, and they went for the field goal instead of the touchdown when they brought the ball back down the field, but they were close. Really, I just want to mention how Favre is by far the best QB I've ever seen when it comes to getting knocked around and really just not caring...even welcoming it. Even when he throws up a bomb that's sure to get picked, sometimes you think he might just run down and catch it himself. And then get form tackled by Urlacher, and get right back up.

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