Thursday, December 15

Cuban Baseball Crisis

Quick hit on the situation between the US Treasury and the Cuban baseball team, before Armando sinks his teeth into it later-

On the heels of the first serious attempt at a world baseball tournament, the United States has somehow decided that it is their business to decide whether or not the Cuba should be able to field a team. Setting aside the fact that they are stepping in and denying a tremendous group of ballplayers their rightful chance to play for their birthnation, the thing about this that bites my ass the most is that I can't exactly understand what makes America think that they should have any say in the matter at all. Bush has done enough to foul up international affairs and the US government should have the good sense to stay as far away from this matter as possible. The biggest and only debate on the subject of Cuban baseball should be the decision that MLB Cuban defectors have in whether or not they wish to represent Cuba or stand against the Castro regime.

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