Wednesday, December 21

No-Bowl Follow Up

After I got over the bewilderment of the fact that there is a Pro Bowl announcement show, I was interested/disapointed to learn that Jeremiah Trotter will be representing our 2005 Philadelphia Eagles in Hawaii this season. Although I would have liked to get the snub because it would put such a nice finishing touch on the season, it is nevertheless great to see a monster like Trot sipping fruity drinks with umbrellas and checking out girls in bikinis, which is clearly the heart of any Pro Bowl experience. The man simply can't be denied.

In relevant Pro Bowl news, big ups to the Bears, not only for their six Pro Bowl nods and their gift of a watchable Sunday night game (finally) but for an overall superb season. Teams like Chicago are becoming a rarity in the wild west that the NFL has become, and I'm throwing my full support towards them during their playoff run. And no, I'm not trying to jinx them. And no, I can't believe that the pinche Vikings have won six of seven.

For tonight, if you have the opportunity, please tune in and marvel at the magic of everyone's favorite new sixer- Shavlik Randolph. You won't be sorry for long.

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