Thursday, December 29

Don't You Want to Taste the Fruits?

Mike McMahon is disrespecting white quarterbacks by leaving the pocket. In a league full of chalky pocket passers, how does this man have the hubris to circumvent the unwritten rule that a white quarterback should drop back (perhaps even with shoulders squared), analyze the defense, and deliver a precise strike to his more athletic counterparts? The pocket is Eden, and Mikey has tasted the fruit from the tree of good and evil. It is in our hands to decide who has provided the apple to young McMahon. Could it be gentle McNabb, who in recent years has neglected this knowledge and returned to his sanctuary? Or the serpentine Eldorado Owens, he who has already delivered such tumult to the Eagles clan? By chance it was King Andy who stepped down from his throne to deliver the morsel to his young apprentice, allowing him each week to deliver the monotone "we like his athletic ability."

Whoever the culprit, the result has been the same. The blind lead the blind onto the field each week, and now, facing a division sweep while fans inwardly pray for a loss. It has been a season to forget, and my only hope is that the Eagles royalty understands the frailty of their gameplan and does not fall into the trap of believing that injuries were the cause of our pain.

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