Sunday, May 28

It's no Veterans Stadium

Yesterday, I managed to attend sporting events at not one, but two of our beautiful stadiums in South Philly. I'd been to Lincoln Financial Field and Citizen's Bank Park before, many times at each, but never in the same day. I saw two lacrosse games, and a horrific loss by the Phillies to the Brewers (0 for 5 on that one boys!), but what I really noticed was that those two stadiums might be the best combination of state of the art venues in the US. Now, the Wachovia Center is pretty great, but when it comes to the new school basketball/hockey venues, they're pretty much all the same. So, I challenge you to name a better combination of baseball and football venues in America. I can think of quite a few non-combinations that are better standing on their own, but not a combo. Dolphins Stadium does not count. Neither does the Metrodome.

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Hal said...

Good point, because there aren't many cities with a football and a baseball team, let alone both with new stadiums. Houston and Seattle may have great stadiums that we don't know about. I know the Astros have a choo-choo train, but they've also got that hill in centerfield where they should have put a trampoline. I've heard great things about Pittsburgh's Heinz Field and PNC Park.

As for relics, Wrigley and Soldier Field is a tough one-two.

I love Citizen's Bank, but I'm still furious that they didn't build it downtown, and I've been to the Linc a handful of times and somehow it still feels like an away stadium. I miss the Vet like I miss big league chew, toys-r-us, and the mcrib sandwich.