Wednesday, May 3

A.K.A. Brick James

Through our hit counter I've been keeping a list of all the nonsense phrases that people search on google, msn, etc. which then hit on our site. Since we publish every article and both the archives on the main page, it's not overly remarkable that a bunch of far out words will land you here, but what I can't get my head around is why anyone searching for 'thomas edison salt hire' would see the results and decide that this is the place to come for their salt hiring needs. Anyway, I'll throw these out from time to time on non-rainy days. Here's the most recent bunch:

Basketball cards Kwame Brown 2005-2006 insert rarity
brashear fights
shaky tale of doctor jakey
big and tall shirts – da
poolside tailgating items
knife bleeder
pete webber
bucknasty bow strings
hideki matsui golden shower
football teams sign ups (Columbus, oh)

If you're still bored, check out this glossary of religious terms beginning with the letter 'w.'


Anonymous said...

As for that rough style, Bryant said bring it on.

"That's how I grew up playing basketball in Philadelphia," he said. "I love playing that style. It excites me more than anything."

I dont even know where to start with this quote. Maybe something about "rough style" and anal rape. Or maybe something about Lower Marion. Its almost so easy that it is impossible. All I know is that we need to get some gritty street toughness back on the sixers. I am just saying, Allen for Kobe straight up-let's put the tough back in Philatoughidelphia.

x-intern said...

Having attended the same high school where kobe learned his "rough style," I too was a bit exasperated to hear those words uttered by Mamba.

But he did play in a lot of the city summer leagues and camps, so he actually might have a little credibility on that one.