Thursday, May 11

"That ain't no kind of fun"

Standing ovation for Aaron Rowand, who just made the best play by a Phillie I've seen since 93. Two outs, bases loaded, he's on a dead sprint backwards towards the bullpen in right-center, checks the wall for proximity, but heeds the information and plows face-first into the metal fencing. Saves three runs in a game that has a fifty fifty shot of being a rain delay. One hundred percent awesome. Now it's time for 24 other guys to step up. Thanks Aaron.


x-intern said...

I feel kinda bad for Rowand, but if it hurts the Phillies I'm all for it.

P.S. That was the lamest series win I've ever seen.

Andre the giant said...

"but heeds the information"

I do not think that word means what you think that it means.

Hal said...

I'd go so far as to say it means the exact opposite of what I thought.

x-intern said...

No posts for 6 days? Bleh.