Tuesday, May 2

Early Birds

While I'm on my high horse I thought it would be a nice time to unveil my initial Eagles season prediction, mostly for tracking purposes.

Sunday, Sept 10th 1PM @ Texans- W (1-0)
Sunday, Sept 17th 1PM vs Giants- W (2-0)
Sunday, Sept 24th 4:15PM @ 49ers- W (3-0)
Monday, Oct 2nd 8:30PM vs Packers- W (4-0)
Sunday, Oct 8th 4:15PM vs Cowboys- W (5-0)
Sunday, Oct 15th 1PM @ Saints- W (6-0)
Sunday, Oct 22th 1PM @ Bucs- L (6-1)
Sunday, Oct 29th 1PM vs Jags- W (7-1)
Sunday, Nov 5th BYE
Sunday, Nov 12th 1PM vs Redskins- W (8-1)
Sunday, Nov 19th 1PM vs Titans- W (9-1)
Sunday, Nov 26th 1PM @ Colts- L (9-2)
Monday, Dec 4th 8:30PM vs Carolina- W (10-2)
Sunday, Dec 10th 1PM @ Redskins- L (10-3)
Sunday, Dec 17th 1PM @ Giants- W (11-3)
Monday, Dec 25th 5PM @ Cowboys- L (11-4)
Sunday, Dec 31th 1PM vs Falcons- W (12-4)

Also, thanks to Dave the x-intern for the link to the 'Invincible' trailer, it looks tremendous even though Marky Mark somehow won the role of tough guy out from under Greg Kinnear. I guess Marky really knew what he was getting into with 'Hangin' Tough,' which is quickly approaching its 21st birthday.

As for the 12-4 record, I see us starting off strong with some weak opponents and unproven quarterbacks, powering through the bye week, and hitting a bit of a late wall when the tough divisional series hits the road. Christmas night in Dallas is gonna be a bit tough when Owens goes off for 12 for 179, 3 touchdowns, 2 missing front teeth, and a set of broken ribs.

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x-intern said...

good post. give me a call when you're ready to do the combine. I can't do thursdays, but thats pretty much it.

12 and 4 in the NFC East is going to be tough for anybody to reach.