Monday, March 26

Almost over...

Honestly, after Kansas lost on Saturday, I found myself not wanting to watch any more basketball. I was sick of it.

But after about a minute, I got over that. So I watched the rest of the games, and they were all very exciting and great and everything. But that's to be expected.

I'm more excited for this Final Four than I have been in a while, even though my team was handily ejected. A rematch from last year's final? Unbelievable. Two of the best big men in the country in the semifinals? Unbelievable.

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zstin said...

the best thing about the jayhawks underachievement this year was that it didnt come too early, so it didnt ruin the whole tourney for me. just the final four. but the last two years are basically blackouts as far as my tourney knowledge is concerned. mainly because i was drunk for 3 consecutive weeks after the kansas outs.