Monday, September 18

You're Like a Lost Child, Who Wanders Into the Room

And maybe it's not just coincidence that they're both named Donnie. 15 minutes to go. We're watching a Super Bowl team operating at a near peak level. 25 minutes and and 23 points later, we're left with nothing but questions. Can Five lead this team to a win from behind, or is our team designed only to cruise? Can the defense survive the loss of our second and third cornerbacks, especially with Sheldon already having yielded two touchdowns on the season? And just how can you put together eight sacks and a turnover and not come out with the win?

At the end I'm just left confused. I feel like a child, only I still have to go to work today. Week two and I'm picking up the pieces of my mind, shattered by a defense that couldn't hold back the flood and an offense that is simply not built for the fourth quarter.

One of the most troubling failures was that it is an offense built for overtime, they got the ball at the fifty, and still couldn't get it done. I'm wearing, aching, debilitated. 25 mintues stole away what little i had left. Staring 4-0 right in the eyes. A divisional loss at home. And when you're 5000 miles east of Philly, every game is in prime-time. I'm on empty. For the first time since I left I'm happy not to wake up in Philly because to see the faces on three million people who just had their heart ripped out by a silver spoon cake eating son of a hall of fame loser would just be too much.


z said...
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z said...

what's strange is how complacent the eagles were in letting new york roll over them in the fourth quarter, including 1-on-1 coverage on the corners. and with 4 minutes left in the game, up 10 and deep in your own territory, donovan starts dicking around on the line and draws the false start:?

call him a spoiled, cake-eating loser all you want, but eli capitalized on every mistake and carried his team when they needed him most. you can't say the same for your chunky soup chump.

Anonymous said...

trade donnie, same shit different year, how about soem defense, i hate the eagles

Anonymous said...

Although yesterday's loss was both devastating and demoralizing it is not the end of the world. Granted we learned a tough lesson in the hardest possible way; we can recover and get them back in the Meadowlands. Kearse is dungy for the year. What a beat weekend.

x-intern said...

Hal - I know this comment is a few days late, but I finally stopped celebrating long enough to sit down and check out your blog.

I don't actually think there is anything more to say about the game. The New York football Giants have an incredible football team. If Eli has a sister I am going to move down to New Orleans and court her. If not I will settle for Tiki's sister.

z said...

fuck that. wellington mara's granddaughter is cute. and i think she's got a stake in the team.