Wednesday, June 6

The Best: Running Back

The greatest running back we'll probably ever see absolutely blew my mind when he came to play in Philly back in fall of 2005. The Eagles won that game, 20-17, on a blocked field goal taken back for a touchdown. During the fourth quarter there was a fire alarm in the stadium and all fans were asked to leave, as if burning to death in the Linc would be a worse fate than exiting a game early. Neither of those occurrences were half as amazing as what LaDainian Tomlinson did on that afternoon. His line for the game: 17 carries for 7 yards, and 0 touchdowns, breaking his streak of 18 consecutive games with a trip to the endzone. Tomlinson is a player so special that when you when someone is able to bottle him up, even for a day, he has still managed to upstage the game itself. He also stole Lawrence Taylor's nickname and is still alive.

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GMan said...

I was at that game and it was freakin sweet. The fire alarm, the last second wynn (get it?), looking out at all the suckers who left the game early standing in the parking lot looking back at the stadium and me, going nuts. It all added up to one of my most memorable Eagles games. Also, that game miraculously managed to keep my "home games attended" winning streak alive. Want the Eagles to win it all? buy me tickets to every game!