Monday, March 13

So I'm starting to get pissed...

It's getting down to the wire.
Less than 20 games left.
A few teams have sewed up a playoff spot.

And the Flyers still can't decide on a goalie. They can't decide how to score on a powerplay (or a 7 minute powerplay). They can't figure out how to keep a lead, or regain one. They can't decide how, in Gauthier's case, to fight after getting punched in the head a few times. Honestly, it doesn't seem like there's much they have figured out lately, and after a few horrible losses, Hitchcock is starting to look less like the genius he is, and more like a donut loving doofus.

If you know hockey, you know this team is good. You know they should be a 3 or 4 seed in this conference. But what I know is that they don't deserve much better than a 5 or 6, and probably not even a 7. I know that I'm getting flashbacks to the 94 Stanley Cup, and Hextall and stinking Garth Snow switching every game. That might be the worst part in terms of history, but in real-time, the lead blowing, bad overtimes, and lack of toughness make me scared for this team.

Now there's still time to pull it together, and that "together" better start getting pulled right now.


z said...

you've got a team save percentage in the .890s and a team gaa well above 3. those are your biggest and second biggest problems, respectively. your third biggest problem is that i can't remember the last time a flyers goaltender remained a starter for more than two consecutive seasons. brian boucher? roman cechmanek anyone?

the flyers are riding a pretty long streak of not having a franchise goalie, and it's not going to be resolved with esche or nittymaki.

Armando said...

Bobby Clarke doesn't care about goalies.

And I hate him for it.

x-intern said...

hockey stinks eh? write some more stuff about godzilla and his porn habit.

Armando said...

i love godzilla
in fact, i have 5 japanese men visiting me right now who would all agree

but hockey is the greatest

x-intern said...

Yeah yeah i know--hockey is pretty cool. It's just been hard getting back into a sport that now airs on the OLN.

elguapo said...

Yo Armando, it's John. Good times when I came to visit. Congrats on your tour, hope you ate some souls. You wanna do the Rocky Balboa alleycat in June? Oh yeah, hockey's for lacrosse players that can't get over their dreams figure-skating. And goalies are for teams that don't know how to body check. Paz.