Thursday, September 21

It's a Deep Burn

OOOOOOOO K. I'm ready to start looking forward. I obviously don't need to talk about last week and think it's time to get ready for Sunday. I have conflicted thoughts about this game. Im 70% sure that the Eagles will come out angry and light the 9ers up good and proper. But 30% of me is concerned about the hangover, concerned with Mr. Gore, but most of all concerned about getting that call to duty. I don't know where the Eagles are getting bodies for the secondary but it seems like they went to the goofy name department. Who knows, maybe I'll be next.

The injuries are really starting to scare me. I know we are 8 deep on the D line but losing Kearse to Carson Palmer surgery is tough to stomach. With the secondary currently severly depleted, there will be even more pressure on the D line to get to the QB. God knows our linebackers aren't bailing anyone out.

So let's look forward. Hopefully we will watch an angry team beat the pulp out of an inferior squad. I want our boys to fly home from the west coast still starving for more, thier eyes already on Green Bay. In '02 the Eagles blew a lead to the Titans and won thier next 3 games by an average of about 21 points. The next two teams really should be pushovers (d'oh), and ummmm don't get me started on the game on the 8th.........

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