Thursday, December 8

Welcome to Miami!

Finally, I know where Penn State will be playing its bowl game. Although when girls or casual fans ask me why, it's still a difficult challenge to explain why we are playing in the Orange Bowl and why we are playing Florida State. All bowl politicking aside, does anyone know what the line is? I would set it at about 14. Florida State has 4 losses and is only in the Orange Bowl because it beat an overrated Marcus Vick in a conference championship game. Penn State wins the same way it won all it's other games. Defense and Robinson.

The popular back story is of course the coaching match up between all time wins leader Bobby Bowden and loveable legend Joe Paterno. The two combine for over 700 division 1-A wins and over 150 years of being old. I won't bother researching any other statistical comparisons because I wouldn't want to steal the thunder of those covering the game, who will no doubt wax nostalgic until my ears start bleeding.

A win will leave Penn State at 11-1 and a #3 ranking for the year. 3 is the best we can do. I have mixed feelings about what an undefeated season would have meant. Apparently State would still be 3rd behind Texas and Southern California. But would 12-0 put us above the loser of the Rose Bowl for the #2 ranking? Really, who cares? It was a hell of a season, and knowing that had we gone unbeaten we still wouldn't have a shot takes a little sting out of the loss to Michigan (although I still f#cking hate that school).

The bottom line is that Joe Pa and Penn State football are back on the map. I won't get into who's coming back next year and such until after the bowl game but GreenBleeder correspondent Andrew Belli has just informed me that Penn State has filled the Sept. 16th schedule vacancy with Division 1-AA Youngstown State. The preliminary line is 35 and Morelli's preliminary confidence is sky high.

The game is Jan 3rd at 8 pm on ABC. It is the last time this football season I will have a chance to watch a meaningful game for a team I care about. If all goes well, I will be in the stands and will return with a full report of my first bowl game experience.


lucy g said...

i don't see why you have to write "when girls or casual fans ask..."

can we get a little respect please. some of us follow football.

Hal said...

Way to go Lu; stick it to him.

Andy said...

Speaking of girls...we'll win the game, but FSU might win off the field

James said...

Maybe some of you do, but most of you don't. Thanks for the feedback though.

phlintern4 said...

Felon State University.

Atta boy Posluszny--defensive player of the year