Tuesday, November 22

Not a Worthy Adversary

I think it's pretty obvious what's going on here. And I like it. 3rd string QB starting. How many all-pros going under the knife? The season is over, let's get the young guys some real time reps. It's not tanking, it's just ummmm.....well, they aren't losing on purpose right? It's like a secret tank. Trying to win with scrubs on the field (the Phils have been doing this for decades) isn't tanking is it? I think it's pretty obvious what's going on here.

And I like it. The season is over. Fine. The sooner we start looking forward, the sooner we'll be moving forward. I recall Hal calling for TO at least a full year before we got him. We never believed the Eagles would actually do it....and the rest is history. My point is, the Eagles will once again have the opportunity to pull a HUGE trigger this offseason. TO won't be getting his five million dollar roster bonus next year. There's some ammo. And I have total confidence Terrible Mike Mcmahon can steer the Eagles to a top ten pick, before they trade up. There's some more ammo. So where do they fire the BFG in 2006?

Let's narrow it down. Running Back? No dice. We just signed Westbrook for the rest of the decade and have a rookie in his image. O-line? I did say "HUGE" trigger and I know Runyan is on the way out and I think the Eagles will address the O-line, but it won't be the big move. D-line? Getting warmer. But if we draft another first round bust D-end, and have another sub-par season, it's going to get even warmer in that front office. We know they are willing to gamble, but I can't see Banner, Ried, and associates putting thier job's in the hands of a rookie right end. No one cares about linebackers, although it would be nice to have someone to replace Trotter when he inevitably retires. The secondary is still solid (let's just say Lito hurt his ankle a while ago.)

That leaves two positions in my mind. Wide reciever (remember we lost our top three recievers from last year.) TO is gone and we need someone to replace him. Here's the problem, He's irreplaceable. We can't get Marvin, Chad, Randy, or Hines. Anyone else even close to those guys? I don't see anyone in college either, leaving....................QB. I'm not saying it has to be Lienart. But if the 49ers or Texans get the top pick, everyone knows that "interesting trades considered" will go along with it. As far as I'm concerned, it's wide open. Phillip Rivers may also be available, David Carr, and does anyone know if Brady Quinn is leaving early?

It's a crossroads for management. Attempt to retool the offense around Mcnabb and bounce back, or start thinking future. I think start thinking future. If retooling fails, the fans and media will not take it well. However, if we have a stud QB to take Mcnabb's place as soon as the teams starts sucking again, I think the fans and media praise management and will be content to watch the next generation of Eagles develop. Remember, the worst case scenario is to be mired in mediocrity. There is nothing worse than just missing the playoffs, and again, the Phils have been doing it for years. I have now managed to compare the Eagles to the Phillies twice in a column that started out talking about a secret tank. Time for a small change? Or a HUGE change?

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phlintern4 said...

I don't know if they'll go for a QB, it would be too much of an insult to McNabb at this point. Phillip Rivers will probably be on the trading block but I doubt he would be willing to sit behind #5 for a couple years after sitting on the Chargers bench for two years already.

I think the Eagles will look for a stud receiver (or possibly TE) in the first round, a bigger RB in the early rounds, and maybe a project QB somewhere in the middle if they are available. If not they will probably look to stack their team with the best defense and O-line prospects like they usually do.