Tuesday, November 8

Lost in the Shuffle

It's Tuesday afternoon, I'm catching up on some reading (sports guy), watching Law and Order and I get an instant message from good freind and religious Ellen viewer, Mer Syles to turn on the news. I was greeted by TO and was fortunate enough to watch his apology live. No summary necessay I'm sure, and the ball is now in the Eagles' court. To be honest, I felt actual remorse from TO while he read his statement. Unfortunately his satanic counterpart proceeded to take the mic and mar any progress TO had made towards wearing an Eagles jersey ever again. "Experts" on ESPN news immediately jumped on the too little too late side as the Eagles are undoubtedly preparing a response as I write this. Bottom line, I think TO had the right idea but slightly mishandled his apology. He should have read the exact same statement, turned the mic over to Drew, waited 15 seconds and then stepped in and said "You're fired!" and then worked the crowd for applause as Rosenhaus walked away in disbelief. Then maybe the Eagles take him back. Huge missed opportunity by TO.

Once the agent started talking, I swtiched to ESPN news so as to recieve better coverage of the show. At one point I noticed the ticker on the bottom mention Phillies' set up man Ugueth Urbina, who has been arrested and expected to be charged with the attempted murder of 5 people at his family's ranch in Venezuela. Obviously this isn't as serious or important as an apology that won't be accepted by a player who won't play football for another year. But with Wagner on his way out, the "best bullpen in the NL" could be in serious trouble if their 8th inning man gets the firing squad. Let's cross our fingers for one of the most likeable and personable athletes ever to play in the city of Philadelphia.

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