Wednesday, November 16

Is There a Doctor in the House?

I don't want to talk about it. I really don't. But I think it was Anthony Gargano who said before the game on Monday....."Think of post-season game winning drives of our generation. Elway, Favre, Brady. Think of season ending interceptions. Mcnabb, Mcnabb, Mcnabb." It's time to wake up and smell the choking quarterback. The whole country knew our season was on the line last night, and the whole country saw it end the same way it has the past 4 years. Pick.

I didn't listen to much 610 today, the press conference, or check I didn't need to know if it was a fade stop gone awry, a miscommunication, whatever. Donny choked. And yeah, Andy called the play. Maybe the worst play call I've ever seen. IF you throw the ball in that situation, you throw it DEEP. You go for the jugular, and if it gets picked, it's like a punt. But even if you do that, you're still a moron for not running the ball. A mid range pass to the outside? To a rookie? The only logic I can see is that it's the last thing they would have expected. We catch them thinking run, and get the game sealing first down. Ballsy call by the big guy. Unfortunately Mcnabb choked. Again.

I have always loved 5. Always thought he was underrated. I thought that what he's done the past 7 years with the "talent" surrounding him at the wideout position was astounding. Props to Andy as well. Well Monday night was a wake up call. Not for the team, but for me. Mcnabb is a choke artist. I now firmly believe that.

But let's go back to the game Mcnabb gets his "sports hernia." I said at the time that he should play the next two games, and unless he was unfazed, give Mcnabb the knife heading in to the bye. Mikey gets two weeks to prepare. And could he have played worse than Mcnabb did? You think maybe with the 3rd stringer under center we start running the ball a few weeks earlier? You think TO and Donny are trading blows in the media? Maybe the team (especially the defense) rallies around a recovering Donovan and a backup QB. (I seem to remember this happening a couple years ago.) Mcnabb gets the surgery before the bye week and at this moment, he's healthy and TO is still on the team. I know that's a lot of maybes, and hindsight is 20/20. But I was right.

I know Hal will post a column with a positive spin (oops, too late.) And he's got a point. It's not the end of the world, it's just the end of the season. I now find myself rooting for the Giants to win the division just so I don't lose a pre-season 20 dollar bet against the Skins with my buddy John. Good times. Swept by Dallas in the most heart breaking way possible and now I'm rooting for the Giants. All good things though, all good things.


phlinter4 said...

Welcome back to earth Eagles fans. In a league where only 12 teams make the playoffs each year, reality for a majority of teams is sitting around in January watching other cities enjoy the playoffs.

I'd suggest that you take up a hobby this winter, or maybe get out there and meet some new people. Or you could start checking out all the stud propects PSU will be sending to the draft this year.

greene said...

donovan mcnabb continuously makes me and rush limbaugh look like geniuses... hes terrible, hes cant throw, he had one great passing season solely based on the presence of TO who can catch bad passes (lets not forget he made jeff garcia a pro-bowler). he has the manning gene for losing big games and failing miserably under pressure. eagles fans need to suck it up and deal with it, he cant get it done. you should all thank god hes injured.

James said...

Speaking of winter hobbies, Anyone in the Philly area want in on a sunday night bowling league? We need 5 guys, and I think we just need 2 or 3 more. Let me know.

Armando said...

in all honesty, he has been the winningest QB in the past 4 or 5 seasons. He can't be that bad guys.

James said...

Let's count the Championships....I didn't say he was bad, just that he's a choke artist.