Thursday, November 17


State has a big game this Saturday at Michigan State, 4:00 pm. Wherever you watch the game, keep an eye on one PSU's biggest players, left end, Tamba Boimah Hali. The tale of the tape lists Hali at 6'3'', 267 lbs. His 40 time is yet to be determined but anyone who has seen him play knows it's more than fast enough. My buddy Smitty, current student at Penn State University met briefly with Hali on campus, although unfortunately there wasn't enough time for a photo opportunity. Smitty recounted his meeting to me exclaiming, "He's a F#cking manchild. He would have trouble fitting through our front door."

#91 has 54 tackles through 10 games including 16 for losses totaling 84 yards. He also tallied a team leading 11 sacks for a total loss of 79 yards, and one game sealing forced fumble in the final minutes of Ohio State. Tamba's hobbies include beating the double team, sacking quarterbacks, beating the double team again, and getting drafted in the first round.

Saturday, look for Hali to spend most of his time in the backfield against a struggling Spartan team. Not that the announcers won't be letting you know "before, during, and after the game," what a monster the senior is and the disruption he causes. My advice is to sit back and enjoy the show........and hope we draft him.

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phlintern4 said...

Let's hope he turns out better than recent PSU D-line prospects: Courtney Brown, Jimmy Kennedy, Michael Haynes, and Anthony Adams.

If Hali (and Matt Rice) turn out to be busts, it just further illustrates the genious that is Larry Johnson Sr.