Monday, October 10

WE ARE............#8

Just in case you weren't one of the 109,000+ on hand, or one of the millions who watched on national TV, but are one of the estimated dozen people who checks this site on a regular basis, you missed a good one Saturday night in Happy Valley as my Alma Mater (Whatever the words are, raise the song) defeated #6 ranked Ohio State 17 to 10 in a very physical and defensive game, vaulting the Lions to 8th in country. The play of the game was an interception by Anwar Phillips who saw grass on the field and played some ball as he returned the ball to the Ohio 2 setting up the game winning the 2nd quarter. Linebacker U made sure that was enough, holding the Suck Eyes scoreless in the 2nd Half. Led by Paul Posluszny with 14 tackles and a sack and Dan Connor with 12 tackles and a sack; PSU put on a defensive exhibition supported by a color coordinated crowd that never left it's feet (unless you were one of the unlucky ones the riot cops got a hold of) and stormed the field following the biggest win for the school i can remember. Next week at the big house is another test as Michigan, coming off a disappointing loss to Minnesota will be a "sore bear" says my dad. I agree and hope that the boys in blue (who will be wearing white next week) will bring the same effort on the road as they did at the greatest college game i have ever been to.

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Anonymous said...

It was Calvin Lowry (#10, anwar is #1) who intercepted Troy Smith.

WIth all the posts about terrible Philly sports teams it is good to read about a team everyone can love.