Tuesday, September 20

It Wasn't as Close as it Looked

Looking ahead to Oakland, I am confident the Eagles will slaughter them as they did their counterparts across the bay. Not enough can be said about Randy, and the match up between him and TO will be a popular story among the “experts.” Unfortunately, due to the nature of the wide receiver position which requires both their play to be called and the ball to be thrown to them, TO is primed to have a bigger day than Randy this upcoming weekend. I see Kerry (WE ARE……PENN STATE) Collins to throw more picks than TD’s to Randy or anyone else for that matter. Assuming Trotter waits until the game starts to cross the 45, I don’t think Oakland’s other new offensive “weapon” will have a big day either. We all know the defense is still fuming from the three pointer it gave up against the Niners. 38 – 10 Birds is my prediction for the week.

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