Thursday, September 15

Even the Blind Squirell Finds a Nut

As promised, here is my weekly column. Due to a lack of personnel change at 3rd base, I am bound by my word to forgo any philles comments and any on the “thrilling” race for the NL wildcard.

“I guess this stuff works.” Jesus Christ Dawkins what the hell did they put in that IV? As a one time marketing major, I would love to suggest a Dawkins Gatorade commercial. If it happens, I want a cut. While I was obviously disappointed in Monday’s outcome, the whole night seemed bizarre from the beginning (we all know what happened) and I’m willing to let it go. I’ll be at the Linc this Sunday prepared for a slaughter, and by slaughter I mean annihilation, and by annihilation I mean blow out and by blow out I mean….well you get the picture.

“What a crazy weekend” “It’s impossible to predict the NFL” “Bad teams can become contenders in one year.” And on and on and on. Here’s another quote we hear Berman say every year. “Boy, week one seems like forever ago doesn’t it?” I wish I was smart enough to say for sure that Arizona is a playoff squad this year, or that the Bucs will jump up and win the South (which could happen by the way). But “no one can predict the NFL” that’s what makes it great, “it’s the ultimate in reality TV show,” and for many it is the best entertainment on television by a long, long way. My point is, that you can’t take too much from week one.

However I do have some random thoughts as I look around the league.

Brandon Jacobs scares the shit out of me. He went in round 5. how the hell did we not draft him. (Well I know why, but that’s another column for another day)

Larry Fitzgerald is the real deal. I watched him and college and I think Braylon Edwards will be right there with him in future pro bowls.

It’s great to see Mister Larry Johnson doing so well. Another guy I would have loved to see in Eagles green.

Until the Pats lose a couple in a row……well, in the immortal words of Billy Madison “He’s good.”

Terrance Mathis blew his knee out yesterday in practice. I really feel for him and hope he has a full and speedy recovery.

I’d like to finish with some more Eagles thoughts and some in-house stuff.

The Falcons didn’t bait Trot on purpose as happens in hockey. The two teams were fired up and a scuffle ensued, not a “brawl.” The ref’s shouldn’t have ejected either player. Along the same lines, I credit Atlanta for beating us, but the officiating was abysmal; just sickening to watch. I hope the league does some serious reviewing of the game and the officials. And I really hope Donovan’s injury doesn’t linger.

That’s all for today folks, I’ll do my best to have another piece out next Thursday. Feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or suggestions; and I’ll do my best to reply in a timely fashion.

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